It’s a Long Walk Before Breakfast

At XXX, penguins come first, and humans come second. The birds go where ever they like and do whatever they want, and people do not.

Good fences make good neighbours…

Wire fences are not to keep animals out; they are there to protect penguin beach landings and nesting areas from people. Most of the fences, like this one, have penguin doorways, so the birds may come and go as they please.

And they do just that, even when there are no holes in the fence. After digging a hole under the fence just big enough to squeeze through, four rather particular birds have taken up residence under the lighthouse. It is a little far from the ocean, but these birds don’t mind. Yellow-eyed penguins have been known to nest a kilometre inland. No rolling out of the nest and into the water for these penguins…it’s a long walk before breakfast to the ocean.


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