Answers to questions

Hannah, Anna, Eloisa:

The sick and injured penguins don’t have to walk to the hospital because Rosalie, the woman that runs the hospital visits the colony every two or three days looking for penguins in trouble. She says that sometimes the birds (who are naturally shy) wait on the path for her if they are injured, almost like they know they need help and she will be able to help them.

If their foot is injured, they will have trouble walking and swimming and if they cannot swim, they will lose weight. Rosalie can tell if they look too thin and when she brings them into the hospital (she puts them in a bag and carries them there) she will look them over to see if they have an injury that is preventing them from being able to eat.

Melicen, Islay:

If you look at this page of the blog,

you can see how Rosalie is feeding a penguin. This is also how she gives them medicine. If you have ever had to give a cat medicine, you know that you have to wrap it up in a towel so it won’t get scared and scratch you. The same goes for penguins. Rosalie wraps them up in a bag so they feel more secure and if they struggle, they won’t hurt her or themselves.

Edie and Laura:

I was glad the seal didn’t get the penguins in that video too, but some seals do eat penguins. The seals use their flippers to push them out of the water and jump up on to the land. You can do this yourself in a swimming pool, but you probably won’t be able to jump on to the side of the pool because you don’t have flippers and the right body shape. But you will be able to jump up in the water without pushing off the bottom by bringing you legs and arms together quickly. On a beach and not a rocky shore, the penguins let the waves carry them in and sometimes swim in almost like a duck. When it gets shallow enough they stand up on the beach. Sometimes a wave will come in and knock them over and they have to try again.


This is a really neat video and you will see chicks!

And hear the yellow-eyed penguin parents greet each other and feed their chicks.


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