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Heading home after a long day in the ocean
Heading home after a long day in the ocean

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27 thoughts on “George St Normal School

  1. How much would I have to donate to help a penguin and when?
    What would be the best thing I could do at the moment to help the penguins.

    1. Thanks so much for the compliment. I think Henry is cool too but also kind of sad, and I hope he figures out what to do in the ocean SOON! Unfortunately, Hollywood would be too warm for him. There are no penguins in the northern hemisphere at all….(although some species do live close to the equator).

    1. The average lifespan of a yellow-eyed penguin is 23 years although many birds don’t live that long. The founder of the colony at Katiki Point is over 20 years old and still going strong.

      1. The penguins at Katiki Point are wild, so we don’t do anything with the eggs unless we have to. In fact we try to stay away from the penguins when they are “brooding” eggs because we don’t want to scare them off the nest. But if an adult penguin that should be caring for the egg goes missing, then we might put the egg in another penguin’s nest for another penguin to keep warm until it hatches.

        Miss L

    1. Lifespan varies for different penguin species. Yellow-eyed penguins have a lifespan of 23 years, emperor penguins (like the penguins in the movie “March of the Penguins”) live 15-20 years, rockhopper penguins live about 10 years, and little blue penguins live about 7 years, but some have lived as long as 20 years. But a lot can happen in the ocean and on land, so many penguins don’t live as long as they could.

    1. I cannot send you a real penguin. They are very shy creatures and would not be happy. A good name for a toy penguin could be Henry like the young penguin in my blog.

    1. I think penguins are pretty special birds. I have always loved birds, and I think penguins are pretty special. They are birds that don’t fly, but swim like fish. Pretty cool!

  2. hi i love penguins
    there the coolest animals on earth can you send me a penguin please please
    what is a good name for a toy penguin =)

  3. hi
    Do the penguins lay more than 5 eggs at one time? What do you do if a penguin herts its leg badly?
    thank you for your time

    1. Yellow eyed penguins usually lay two eggs. All penguins only lay one or two, but sometimes they will brood three if another penguin is unable to brood an egg (keep it warm before it hatches). Some penguins lay two eggs, but sacrifice one egg.

      If a penguin’s leg is hurt, what we do depends on the injury. Sometimes the injury is so great, like a broken foot, that the penguin must be euthanised by a veterinarian. Sometimes a penguin gets a bite from a barracuda or a seal, and depending on how serious the bite is, they can heal or not heal. It all depends on how serious the injury is, and it is different every time.

    1. Yellow-eyed penguins should weigh around 6 kilos. At that weight they have a nice layer of fat to keep them warm. They lose a lot of weight when they moult, so they eat a lot before the moult because when they are getting a new feather coat, they must fast for 3-4 weeks. At penguin hospital, we like the penguins to weigh around 6 kilos before we release them.

      Little blue penguins are much smaller (they are the smallest penguin in the world) and weigh about a kilo.

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