Penguin Hospital is about rehabilitating and caring for the endangered yellow-eyed penguin, and the doing-just-fine little blue penguin at a penguin hospital run by Rosalie Goldsworthy at Katiki Point, New Zealand. It also talks about the ecology of the place: why rabbit holes benefit mutton birds and sheep benefit penguins, New Zealand fur seals, terns, mutton birds, albatross, and visiting stragglers from the South like the juvenile elephant seal, an erect crested penguin, and the tiny storm petrel.

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  1. Greetings from the US!

    I worked closely with penguins at Boston’s New England Aquarium for nine years, and I now travel locally and internationally to teach adults and children about penguin biology, behavior and conservation. I was in NZ in 2006 and stopped by your hospital, but you must have been off on a rescue, because nobody was around at the time (except for a very friendly Fiordland penguin in the pen out front.) We had hoped to tell you about a seagull nearby with a short arrow through its neck that we were trying to capture and bring there. (He looked remarkably healthy, despite the arrow.)

    I’m currently writing a book about the Treasure oil spill rescue in South Africa, and I’m including a list of penguin rescue groups that my readers can make donations to. I have not been able to find any information about how to make contributions to your penguin hospital. Do you have a website or just this blog? Is there some way folks can make online donations to you? Thanks for the important work you are doing to rescue and rehabilitate ill and injured penguins in NZ! Keep up the great work!


    Dyan deNapoli – The Penguin Lady

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