Play Find the Chick!

Checking nests is easy right? Finding big fat fluffy grey chicks, no problem. Counting the nests and chicks of the third largest penguin, piece of cake…

So if it’s so easy, find the chick in this photo:

Chick vs. Flax

And I told you there was a chick there! A good sniffer helps, because the chicks and nests stink of old fish. But then titi nests, little blue penguin nests, and seals have a funk about them too (although the smells are all slightly different) and they are all over XXX. The colour of the dirt and the chicks’ grey down match so well that chicks hiding on the ground under the canopy are easy to miss. Even with a parent hovering nearby, as was the case when we visited, the chicks stay well hidden.

In fact Rosalie discovered two new nests earlier that week. Well they weren’t exactly new, just so well hidden she missed them previously; over visits twice a week for three months!

Here, these chicks are easier to see although I had to plant myself in the dirt to get the shot:

This is a bit easier…

So far, so good at XXX. All the chicks look happy and well fed. Here’s to a healthy new year for yellow-eyed penguins!


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