Seals and Swim Goggles

Even if this pup’s eyes don’t look the least bit human, they are still beautiful.

Part of what makes them different is their shape. The thick spherical lens coverings are like a very good set of swim goggles that give seals keen eyesight under water.

Baby kekeno with his "swim goggles" on.
Baby kekeno with his “swim goggles” on.

It was once thought that that these lenses made seals very near sighted on land, but a recent study suggests that their eyesight out of the water is good enough to be able to navigate by the brighter stars in the night sky. I like the thought of lost seals poking their heads out of the open sea to look at a giant map in the sky. (Naturally they would only be female seals since the males would never need to look at a map…or ask for directions…)

These pups at XXX were born in December and are probably still suckling. They seem to like each other’s company. Five of them left the water after playing there for quite some time. Nothing like a frolic in the water to stimulate the appetite of a child.

3 thoughts on “Seals and Swim Goggles

  1. very true. women are always right and know when to ask for directions,so they always get safetly home, while men are the opposite of us smart women

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